Techකතා EP187 : IoT, Smart Homes, Drones, Space X

Techකතා 187 වලින් අපි අද IoT (Internet of things), Smart Homes වගේම Drones හා තව බොහෝ දේවල් කතා කෙරුණා.

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12 thoughts on “Techකතා EP187 : IoT, Smart Homes, Drones, Space X”

  1. අයියේ මට danaganna ඕනේ smart wifi remote switches thiyanawa නේ awa use කරන එකද හොඳ nattham, smart bulbs use කරන එක ද හොඳ වාසි කියලා

  2. නියමයි. හැම සතියකම නොවරදවාම කරමු.
    ලිනක්ස් ගැනත් වැඩිපුර ටිකක් කතා කරමු.

  3. Congratulations Techකතා crew for coming back after a long silence. I just wanted to share my thoughts on home automation and IoT since I’m actively engaged in both.

    One thing I noticed in the current state of home automation is that you can end up in using multiple apps for different devices. The reason is that its hard to find a single app that can control devices from different vendors. Specially for iOS.

    Thats where the integration platforms come into picture. They act as a bridge for a multitude of products and services. Most of them are open source projects with a huge community backing and all you need is a raspberry pi in most cases. I’ve listed a few and there are more.

    Homebridge (
    This is only for iOS and it is the bridge for native Home App.

    Home Assistant (
    There is an app for both iOS and Android.

    Domoticz (
    A matured platform with a web front end.

    Node-red (
    A flow-based programmer for IoT devices, APIs and services.

    I have been using Homebridge and Node-red for a couple of years to integrate a wide variety of devices like mi products, wemos, cbus, kodi, android tv, esp8266 based sensors/relays, xiaomi cameras etc. They all can be managed from a single app in the phone and watch.

    You may have come across these types of platforms already. It will be useful if you could talk about them in future episodes.


  4. මම ESP 8266 එකකුයි, අර්දුයිනෝ එකකුයි පාවිච්චි කරලා පොඩි වැඩක් කරන්න හදනවා.

    ESP8266 සිග්නල් එක අරගෙන අර්දුයිනෝ එකට දෙනවා, අර්දුයිනෝ එකෙන් රිලේ එකකින් බල්බ් එකක් කන්ට්‍රෝල් කරනවා.

    මම ESP8266 පවර් එක ගන්නේ අර්දුයිනෝ එකේ 3.3v එකෙන්. මේක ටිකක් වෙලා හරියටම වැඩ කරනවා. හැබැයි ටික වෙලාවකට පස්සේ ESP8266 එක පිස්සු කෙලිනවා. මේක පවර් මදි සිද්දියක්ද? මේක ගොඩ දාගන්න ක්‍රමයක් දන්නවද?

  5. පුළුවන් නම් Office 365 සහ google docs ගැන full programme එකක කරන්නකෝ

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