EP276: We want your money!

IP registration, economic issue in the county, We won’t have internet? , google home automation, Inverters, buying a laptop from overseas, internet alternative…

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EP275: Can we fix it?

Cooking with less cleaning, VPN, Prius for backup power, Takas tech stack, credit card risk, radio walkie talkie, Generator voltage stabilizer, feature of the technology industry workers, blockchain, cloud tech and job security….

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EP274: We are Disappointed!

Flame from the candle in the dark room. The light of the means to survive. Or light guide to reach the destination. Light to spark creative ideas.

Getting this from Amazon, Music for public spaces, Government websites on AWS, Overseas company interview process, CCTV from remote locations and data usage, Getting started as a fullstack developer, cheap netflix accounts, Huawei watch review, Best bank, VPN and google captcha, why user a 3rd party auth provider, how to use google authenticator and alternatives… and more…

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